3 Useful Tips for Online Gaming Affiliates


Online gaming is the world full of opportunities. Site owners, as well as affiliates, can reach high profits across this industry. Even though it’s still not completely accepted in some countries, the popularity of online casinos or fantasy sports is increasing at a steady rate.

Over the recent years, the earnings in online gaming have been growing and chances are, they will grow even more in the near future. If you want to reach high ROI quickly, this part of the affiliate business might be the right one for you.

What should you do to efficiently run your campaigns and maximize profits?

1 ) Promote gaming site with attractive landing pages

In order to catch the attention of your target audience, you need to prepare interesting landing pages. Include catchy images, engaging copy and even a provocative call to action. All this can keep the attention of people and increase your conversions.
To maximize your numbers, you should also play around with titles, colors and images and use some A/B testing to determine which ones are performing better. With clickBakers, you can also split test your offers, even several different ones at the same time. The earnings in the gaming industry are pretty high, so even 1% increase in your conversions can nicely add up to your profits.

gaming-ab-test2)  Focus on mobile targeting

You should definitely use the advantage of mobile targeting. By creating different segments for your campaigns, you can differentiate between mobile users and users on desktop computers. Your efforts will be more efficient when you redirect all your incoming traffic to an appropriate offer. With post-click optimization, you can send desktop users to a particular website and mobile users directly to a specific app.  With clickBakers it’s even possible to create various offers based on the operating system and the device – iPhone users will land in the App Store and Android users in the Google Play. Such adaptation can assure higher conversions of your campaigns.


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3) Leverage on success of carrier billing

Direct carrier billing method is becoming more popular and more trustworthy worldwide. The mobile payment system is very user-friendly, simple and for many people feels safer than credit card payment online. The gaming industry has recorded a higher number of conversions when carrier billing was possible, especially from returning customers. Carrier billing is among the top 3 payment methods for digital gaming in most of the countries. Mobile payment is gaining more and more popularity and you can leverage on it by incorporating such option into your campaigns.
clickBakers has a database of 50+ mobile carriers around the world. We can track mobile traffic in a very effective way and help you with mobile targeting and carrier billings.  And you can simply focus on maximizing the efficiency of your campaigns.

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