3 Ways to Manage Online Campaigns

3 ways to manage online campaign




Today we will show you three examples how to leverage traffic distribution systems while running an online campaign. Learn how to segment consumers by network type, geographical location or a carrier.

Case 1 – Your Products Are Paid by Direct Carrier Billing

A perfect example of how to manage your online traffic using traffic direction systems such as clickBakers is direct carrier billing. The consumers in many cases choose this mobile payment option also known as direct operator billing, mobile content billing, WAP billing, and carrier billing. The direct carrier billing provides instant payments, protects consumers identity and it’s easy. It has huge financial benefits for operators – exceptional fees as well for merchandisers – better conversion rates. The mobile content billing with its one-click payment option is popular among app developers helping them better monetize their applications and it’s also common in countries with low credit card usage.One of the drawbacks though is that the direct carrier billing requires integration with the mobile network operator.

One way or another the direct carrier billing is here to stay and our clickBakers’ customers gain advantage from it. While setting an online traffic campaign with direct carrier billing as a payment method, you gain a unique chance to filter users by their carrier and direct them to landing pages with the direct carrier billing as the only payment method. The rest of the users can be directed to other destinations.

The clickBakers offers a unique database of 600 operators from around the world so targeting by an operator is an exceptional feature with many possible applications and higher conversion rate in the end.

Case 2 – Segmenting Consumers Using Geolocation

In many cases, geolocation is the key factor in a conversion process. Some online campaigns simply must take into account regional aspect of a given business and traffic distribution system such as clickBakers can come in handy. A user can set up a rule which filters/segments consumers by city, country or city where they originate. In clickBakers system in order to choose a region, city, connection type and operator, a country has to be defined first. So let’s say a campaign manager wants to deliver a special offer to consumers in Netherlands’ region Friesland or certain products to consumers in individual states in the US.  All he/she does is setting up a country, region, and even city parameter in targeting panel.

So let consumers know where precisely in their neighbourhood they can shop your products or show them the nearest supply point of your e-shop and thus increase the conversion rate of a given online campaigns.

geo location in clickbakers

Case 3 – Segmenting Online Traffic by Network Type

When it comes to paid downloads, users do mind about their network type while facing an offer of possible app download or any other type of downloadable content. In traffic distribution system a campaign manager can create user segments based on the network type. So users would be divided into wifi or 3G/4G groups and later directed to different destinations especially designed for their needs. In clickBakers system, this attribute is available only for countries where WIFI and 3G-4G connections can be reliably identified.

network type in clickbakers

The clickBakers solution is resilient and enables advertisers to combine individual traffic parameters, and thus create special rules for their traffic to reach higher conversion rates.

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