4+ Must-Read Blogs for All Aspiring Affiliates


Are you new in the affiliate world? An aspiring young professional who wants to learn and get into the business? Or you’re already working as an affiliate but want to improve your marketing strategy? There are plenty of resources out there that could give you much-needed information, guidance and tips.

Last time, we wrote about Affiliate Forums where you can read and learn all day long. Now we bring you a list of our favorite affiliate marketing blogs, written by some of the biggest names in the industry.

Our top picks:


Neil is one of the top influencers on the web and a New York Times best-selling author. He helps companies generate more revenues through digital marketing. He’s one of the best marketers in the world and he works with the big enterprises as well as with SMEs. Neil has been in the business for decades and he’s running a blog with more than 100K visits a month.

His blog is full of great articles, helpful guides, tips and trick and detailed explanations. He’s covering all the topics and areas that are important for any affiliate. Neil is also organizing webinars (some of them are free!) where he’s sharing deep insights about the business.

And last but not least, he’s also a speaker at various events around the world, including Affiliate World Asia 2016
His blog is definitely a must read!




Another well-known and respected marketer in the world. He is teaching people how to create a business online using affiliate marketing. He is offering some lessons for free, including several valuable eBooks and he’s also running a blog with 50K+ visits each month. His blog is covering a variety of topics and very detailed explanations about how to achieve success in the affiliate marketing world. It’s packed with posts, resources, tools and strategies.

Charles is a renowned speaker and you can see him on different events around the world, including Affiliate World Asia 2016. He also has his own advanced training called AFFcelerator Program.




This blog is run by Shawn Collins, the co-founder of Affiliate Summit – the leading industry conference for affiliate marketing in the world. Shawn has been working as an online marketer for over 2 decades and he is sharing his knowledge on this blog. He’s one of the most influential people in the industry. He writes daily updates on affiliate marketing news and his opinions about what’s happening in the business. He also wrote several best-selling books about the industry.
For those who don’t like to read that much, you can check out his podcast “This is Affiliate Marketing”, where he regularly interviews different successful affiliate marketers.


John Chow is writing about so-called “Dot Com Lifestyle”. He proved the power of blogging when he took his blog from making zero to 40.000 dollars per month in less than 2 years by working only 2 hours a day. His blog is one of the biggest in the industry, with over 200K active daily readers and followers. It’s full of amazing resources and information every affiliate needs. He writes tips, advice, guides, techniques and strategies needed to succeed in the online marketing business.


Some other blogs that are worthy of your time:


Zac is a successful superaffiliate. He has more than 1.000 original and real life experience based articles on his blog about affiliate marketing. He also has a podcast about entrepreneurship and affiliate business.


Blog run by Rae Hofman is full of tips & tutorials and it offers the answers to the most burning affiliate questions. She’s one of the leading figures in affiliate industry and her blogs will bring you the knowledge and empowerment.


Luke King helps affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs make more money online; he calls his blog “one giant affiliate marketing guide”. His guide on how to start in online marketing is a must-read for every aspiring affiliate.




She’s a co-founder of Affiliate Summit and publisher who runs her own affiliate websites. Her blog and books offer affiliate advice, tips, news & more.


Pat Flynn writes a blog about passive income and how to run an online business. He also publishes books and has a podcast.


Matthew develops and ranks websites for a living. His awarded blog provides quality advice and he also has tutorials based on his own personal knowledge and experience with online and affiliate marketing.


And of course, our very own clickBakers blog! Apart from the company news and info about the events, you can also find interesting articles with our Growth Tips & Hacks (not only) for affiliate marketers. We have a section for our current users too – Tutorials & Product Updates that serve as a guide for our platform.



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