5 facts You Should Know about Online Traffic Filtering

traffic filtering

1. What does online traffic Filtering mean?

In clickBakers we use the term FILTERING over and over again since the process of filtering is a key element of our software and online traffic management in general. Our terminology defines FILTERING as an automated process to precisely identify parameters of an incoming traffic followed by targeting and redirection.
A software automatically filters your data according to predefined parameters, e.g. type of connection, 3G/4G, carrier, device, GEO etc. so a user can maximize targeting and send every click to the right offer.

2. What is segmentation then?

As described above, filtering rules assure grouping of your traffic to specific segments. So Segmentation is a term very similar to filtering and basically describes the same process. Since it is more common in marketing vocabulary, we suggest it may be used as a synonym. At the end of a segmentation in online traffic management, there is always a divided traffic to groups that provide better targeting.

3. Why to filter / segment online traffic in the first place?

Knowledge is everything when it comes to targeting customers. Their segments provide better response to marketing activities carefully adjusted to their needs and expectations and furthermore a higher conversion rate of an advertisement. So filtering and segmentation of an online traffic create groups of customers which are then targeted and the main reason here is to get customers closer to the products that they are more likely to buy.

4. Psychological background of online traffic filtering

One of the reasons why potential customers would agree to „get filtered“ is a so-called paradox of choice described by an American psychologist Barry Schwartz. The phenomenon which he describes simply means that having too many choices, more or less relevant, have negative effects on people.
Users feel paralysed with too many options to choose from, and as a result, they find it very difficult to go for anything. Barry Schwartz also uses the term an “opportunity costs”. In case there are lots of alternatives to consider, people tend to be aware of features of rejected products and at the end feel less satisfied with the alternative that they’ve chosen.

Too many options can simply make your potential customers confused and decrease conversion rate. So it’s welcome to narrow down the choices and choose the offers that fit.

One of the solutions is to implement online traffic management software which safely identifies your traffic and based on this data targets and redirects its segments to a product offer that matches preferences of a given segment.

5. How does online traffic filtering work?

It’s an easy process. To launch traffic filtering, a user usually creates a rule which defines also targeting. In other words, a filter is built into a rule together with a targeting condition.

The rules include filtering criteria such as:

• GEO filtering up to city level (Country – Region – City)
• Device Type (Phone, Tablet, IPTV, Desktop)
• Device Brand: Apple, Acer, Samsung etc…
• Device Model: Galaxy Note X, Galaxy Tab, etc…
• Connection Type: WiFi, 3G-4G mobile data
• Operator / Carrier: Telecom, Orange, O2… (55 carriers supported in more than 20 countries)
• Custom IP Ranges or Address
• Operating System: Android, Windows, OS_X, Linux, etc…
• Web browser: Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc…
• Custom: source parameter, category (niche) or campaigns

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