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The Future is Now: Carrier Billing on the Rise

  With the rapid evolution of mobile devices, people desire new ways for an effective use of such technology. Mobile payment, as a new financial service is slowly gaining a strong position on the market. Today, 50.3% of e-commerce traffic comes from mobile. (In 2013, mobile


4+ Must-Read Blogs for All Aspiring Affiliates

Are you new in the affiliate world? An aspiring young professional who wants to learn and get into the business? Or you’re already working as an affiliate but want to improve your marketing strategy? There are plenty of resources out there that could give you

5 Rules for Creating Effective Newsletter Campaigns

It’s not easy to create an effective newsletter campaign in a world full of noise and email overload. But yet again, almost 60% of adults check their emails first thing in the morning. And email conversions are still 40% higher than conversions from social media


Our Guide to the Best Affiliate Forums

Whether you are just starting in the affiliate industry or you already have several years in the business; when you have a question, you go to the forums. Affiliate forums are the place to be for everyone who wants to learn about this industry, as

mobile web tracker

Mobile Web Tracker For Affiliate Industry – by clickBakers

  Leverage the most accurate mobile web tracker and traffic management software. clickBakers is your ideal partner for everything you need in order to efficiently manage your mobile traffic. You can easily identify all parameters of incoming traffic including geographic data, connection, device type, operating


3 Useful Tips for Online Gaming Affiliates

Online gaming is the world full of opportunities. Site owners, as well as affiliates, can reach high profits across this industry. Even though it’s still not completely accepted in some countries, the popularity of online casinos or fantasy sports is increasing at a steady rate. Over


ClickBakers’ Guide to Traffic Segmentation for Email Marketers

Email marketing has successfully proven itself to be the number one marketing channel in terms of conversion rate in many industrial sectors. Despite its high digital age compared to other marketing channels, email marketing is still a very effective method of reaching targeted audience. Running