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Case Study – Increased RPM by 177% with clickBakers

A Switch from Campaign to Segment Optimization Executive Summary We’ve been looking for a flexible tool for media buyers that would allow us to distribute our online traffic to boost advertisers’ conversions. Our goal was to double the RPM with the volume of

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Success case: Online Traffic Management for Telecom Companies

Customer’s Business Case – Online Traffic Management for Telecom Companies According to The FORBES Global 2000 – the most powerful public businesses list, China Mobile, Verizon Communications and Vodafone, top the rank of the world’s largest telecommunication companies. The telecom industry has evolved over the years and is

Acquisition vs Loyalty Advertising

Success Case: Manage Your Online Traffic Using IP Range Targeting

Customer’s Business Case A company called The Internet Superhouse, an internet service provider, aims to reach a new audience and gain new customers launching advertising campaign communicating special promotion – 3 months free internet services. Showing this benefit to existing customers would be a waste of

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Success Case: Build a Profitable Subscription Website

Customer’s Business Case The Media House launched new online subscription website called, where people from show business like actors, singers, performers etc. can find an up-to-date list of auditions in their neighborhood / city / region plus create their profile with portfolio, photos, videos