A Guide to Affiliate Marketing – Core Players


Enjoy our new blog series about affiliate marketing, created by clickBakers team to help our users better understand the complicated world of affiliates as well as the importance of affiliate tracking software on the successful journey to commissions. First of all, let’s look at the key players on the affiliate market.

A List of Core Players in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliates/ Publishers

  • typically owners of a website but not always
  • earn income by providing customers/leads/users for advertisers
  • get much higher commissions than members of PPC networks such as Google AdSense or Media.net

How do affiliates publish merchant’s offers?

  • they create a niche blog/ website/web portal on a specific subject with banners or contextual links
  • post on forums
  • upload YouTube videos
  • promote on Social Media
  • write product reviews
  • gather newsletter subscriptions

Advertisers/ Merchants

  • get advertising space on affiliate websites
  • pay only for completed sales or converted leads, not for clicks or impressions
  • merchants take no risk with affiliate marketing
  • rewards affiliates with a percentage of their revenue
  • negative ROI is not possible

Advertisers become partners on affiliate networks or they have their own in-house affiliate program.

Affiliate programs

  • are programs owned and managed by merchants based on revenue sharing
  • commission to affiliates is paid for referred business
  • affiliates send customers to merchants via links

Affiliate networks

  • hubs that connect advertisers/merchants and affiliates/publishers
  • provide thousands of affiliate programs
  • mostly based on a revenue share model
  • offer various affiliate programs with different advertising models CPA, CPL, CPS, CPM, CPC

i  80% of all affiliate networks use Revenue Sharing or cost per sale (CPS) as a compensation method
19% use CPA and the rest one percent use CPM or even CPC

  • have various methods of tracking, reporting, and payment
  • aim at different niche markets
  • target various locations
  • offer promotions of thousands of advertisers

Top Affiliate networks:

i What is Contextual Linking?
Placing affiliate links within a related article/blog post


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  5. Tom Scotland says:

    Thanks for sharing. It is a great help to me as I am starting joining an affiliate program.

  6. Tim Miller says:

    Great insights about affiliate marketing. It is very hard to sell products along with competent marketers and your video is very helpful specially for new marketers. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Shirley van Wyk says:

    Thank You for sharing such informative information. I am in newbie in all this. Thanks again.

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  10. Neil Harland says:

    Thank you for sharing these tips. It can help me get through my affiliate marketing business. Been running the sites for months but really nothing I get. Hope what I’ve understand on your post could help me.

  11. Caterina Christakos says:

    Brilliant ideas! I’m glad I reached your blog. It’s is so helpful to improve my affiliate blogs.

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