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conversion tracking reports in clickBakers


Marketers, affiliate managers and as a matter of fact any professional working in advertising industry will never use an online tool until it provides high-quality reports. That’s why we would like to draw your attention to clickBakers’ reporting panel, focus on every available metric and teach you how to generate your very own report.

No worries, with clickBakers it’s no hard graft. So let’s get started.

What metrics and dimensions does clickBakers reporting provide?

Firstly, after user logs in, the reporting panel is reachable on the left menu under the Statistics Item. For starters, the reporting feature offers you to generate downloadable and customizable reports based on real-time data.

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Among prechosen dimensions and indicators, you may find Campaign, Category, Click, Revenue, Conversions, eCRM, and eRPC. However, when a user clicks on Select Report Dimensions, a window appears on the right side of the screen offering a possibility to select the dimensions meant to be included in a given report. The list of dimensions contains Campaign, Category, Country, Offer, Network, Source, Operator, Device, Connection type, Operating system and Date.

Let’s focus on dimension and metrics one by one. The Campaign enables in clickBakers system easily monitor and categorize traffic. The Category helps identify traffic by different niches and verticals. The Click is a number of times people take action i.e. tap on a mouse button after they come across an ad. The Revenue in clickBakers report is a financial performance indicator that measures takings generated by a given campaign or any other selected dimension listed above. The Conversions shows a number of a specific action taken by users in a given campaign or any other chosen dimension. The Profit indicates how much money a campaign makes after cost exclusion. The eCRM (an acronym meaning Estimated Conversions Per Thousand Clicks) indicates a performance of an ad by dividing the number of conversions by the number of clicks and multiplying that by one thousand.
(Conversions/Clicks) x 1000 = eCRM
The eRPCV (an acronym for average revenue per conversion) indicates how much money on average generates one conversion. It’s calculated as total Revenue/ Total number of conversions.

Please, mind that Cost and Profit indicators are available only for dimension Campaign. This is the only way how to guarantee the quality of delivered data.

It’s also possible to export created report as CSV file or reset filter to generate another one.

There is the Conversion Log item bellow the Report item in the main left menu which displays all the conversions for selected period of time. A user may click on the right menu and show or hide preferred dimensions and metrics. Same as within Report feature, a user can export created report as CSV file and analyze it in a spreadsheet tool.



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