Our Guide to the Best Affiliate Forums


Whether you are just starting in the affiliate industry or you already have several years in the business; when you have a question, you go to the forums. Affiliate forums are the place to be for everyone who wants to learn about this industry, as well as for everyone who is just looking for some tips and advice.

There are hundreds of forums out there, full of useful tricks, case studies, guides and manuals. If you still don’t know where to turn if you have a burning question about affiliate marketing, here’s our selection of the best affiliate forums out there.



This one is our absolute favorite. There are a lot of affiliate professionals that are active on daily basis. The community is very friendly and welcoming, the moderators are experienced and possess amazing knowledge. It’s a perfect place for all affiliate beginners, as there is plenty of detailed guides and how-to information about literally every topic you can imagine. This forum is definitely worth the money and it will help you to jump start the affiliate career.
It’s a purely informational forum and discussion platform and no ads are allowed here. 

Have a look.



Another paid forum. Great design, awesome and very helpful community. If you wanna learn the best strategies and tactics in affiliate marketing, this place is a must-visit. A variety of topics and active members are a big plus of this forum.

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This underground paid forum is quite new, but it’s already full of detailed information, guides and cases from affiliate professionals. It’s perfect for newbies who want to learn, but also for experienced affiliates who can showcase their knowledge and become a part of a fast growing community.

Have a look.



Wicked Fire

This is a completely free forum. Clean design and very active and helpful community make this a go-to place for every aspiring affiliate. Also full of useful resources, tips and information about affiliate marketing and SEO.
This forum offers ad space for sale.

Have a look.

Warrior Forum

There are two options in this forum. Free in the Warrior Forum and paid option for the War Room. Yet another great source of information. Active member base and user-friendly design are perfect for beginners, as well as for experienced affiliates.
On this forum, you can also buy banner ads for your promotions.

Have a look.

Affiliate Fix

This is one of the best free forums out there, you just need to sign in and you’ll get access to plenty of information. It’s another place full of knowledgeable people, smart moderators and very helpful community.
There are also two types of profiles. Free membership is perfect for starting affiliates looking for detailed information about the whole industry. 
Paid membership gives you more options, such as a possibility to use links and images in your signature, promote your company/service and some other advantages.

You can also buy ad space here and create your promo campaigns directly in the forum.

Have a look.

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Whether you’re just entering the affiliate world or you’re an experienced professional, joining any of these forums will help you gain extra knowledge. You can learn useful tips and best practices and get a chance to become an active member of the community.

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