Success Case: Build a Profitable Subscription Website

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Customer’s Business Case

The Media House launched new online subscription website called, where people from show business like actors, singers, performers etc. can find an up-to-date list of auditions in their neighborhood / city / region plus create their profile with portfolio, photos, videos presenting in detail their possible future stardom. Members of the are simply looking for a job.

Campaign Rundown

The aim of their online campaign is to get as many new subscribers as possible. Firstly, the campaign should raise awareness of auditions and free castings; secondly, the company expects to get as many subscriptions as possible and monetize traffic using their membership business model.

In order to reach that goal, the decision was made that every user who clicks on the ad should reach the landing page showing auditions and casting offers in their region. The targeting regions are Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Campaign visuals are the same in every country and, thanks to clickBakers solution, there is no need to generate hundreds of links and create specific campaign visuals. In many cases, it means the significant cost-savings on a production of visuals.

Before the Media House launches online campaign and deploys ads of many different formats across websites and apps, they need to create several landing pages. Every one of them matches the location of the user clicking on ads and exposes him or her auditions in the nearest city.

clickBakers geo targeting


In this case, clickBakers helps the Media House to easily set up multiple GEO rules such as country / city / region redirecting traffic to a landing page dedicated to the specific region. The Media House has achieved to waste no click by using just one encrypted URL. This way they increased highly the chances to monetize the traffic with the convenience of one URL for all their marketing channels.

HOW it’s Done?

button 1 clickBakers set upSet rules based on traffic GEO parameters such as COUNTRY, CITY, REGION

button clickBakers set upSpecify destination URL in every rule based on picked GEO parameter

button clickbakers set upSave changes, copy the generated link and send it to the publishers.



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