Case Study – Increased RPM by 177% with clickBakers

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A Switch from Campaign to Segment Optimization


Executive Summary

We’ve been looking for a flexible tool for media buyers that would allow us to distribute our online traffic to boost advertisers’ conversions. Our goal was to double the RPM with the volume of 10,000,000 clicks per test month.

  • Traffic Volume – 10,000,000 million clicks
  • RPM before 0.78€ for the given campaign
  • RPM using clickBakers 2.16€ for the same campaign
  • Cost – 0€ within a trial month then 499$ (Premium plan)

    “Our experiences with clickBakers product showed that it’s by far the best way how to manage your online traffic. Our RPM increased in two months from 0.78€ to 2.16€ only by switching to their segment type of optimization.”

    Campaign Data & Challenges

    Ad type:
    Banner impressions

    We were unable to identify which offer performs the best and which type of audience was actually converting. Our CPM figures were unsatisfying.

    How Product Helped

    After we have decided to test the segment optimization instead of campaign optimization, we created a simple set up with several segments* and few competitive offers per each segment, then monitored their performance.

    *A segment is in clickBakers a group of users identified by parameters such as country, OS, device, carrier, IP address and many others.


    For the rest of the traffic, we have created a generic segment and split traffic between 3-5 different offers.
    On a daily basis, we were monitoring specific segments, changing the traffic split per segment and sending traffic to the best converting offers.

    We have steadily been adding new offers and comparing them to existing ones. This way the best-converting offers always got most of the traffic, and the new offers got tested as well.

    “clickBakers is an unparalleled way of web traffic management, where the best converting offers are getting most of the traffic, while the new offers get regularly tested.”

    Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

    clickBakers solution helped increase our monthly RPM by 177%, so we will definitely leverage its potential in our upcoming campaigns.
    Their Premium plan costs 499$ per month. However, it may come as a surprise to you that this figure doesn’t mean a whole lot considering a dramatic increase in conversion rate.

    A graph showing RPM daily values before and during testing of clickBakers


    Download The Case study – Increased RPM by 177% with clickBakers as PDF document.


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