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clickBakers is always growing, always developing and always improving. We are trying to offer the best to our customers and enable them to choose the solution that fits their needs. clickBakers is proud to announce that we’re making a move from Premium to Freemium.

To serve our customers better, we’ve decided to offer our basic package for free. Everyone will have a chance to use our advanced tracking solution without any costs. This is an awesome opportunity to use the smart features, such as precise mobile tracking, accurate carrier targeting, intelligent post-click optimization and advanced mobile traffic segmentation.

We want to provide our smart traffic management platform to a wider audience: everyone from small affiliates through media buyers up to affiliate networks. Now you can choose a package and features that will help you monetize your traffic in the most efficient and profitable way.

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If you want to know more about our smart traffic management, stay tuned! You can watch video tutorials and also read more growth tips on our blogSign up today, try our mobile web tracker and optimize your campaigns – because with us you always get the basic package for free. 

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