ClickBakers’ Guide to Traffic Segmentation for Email Marketers

clickBakers-guide-to-traffic-segmentationEmail marketing has successfully proven itself to be the number one marketing channel in terms of conversion rate in many industrial sectors. Despite its high digital age compared to other marketing channels, email marketing is still a very effective method of reaching targeted audience. Running email campaigns is a very complex process that includes tracking your emails and empowering their performance by segmenting your audience. And that is the main purpose of clickBakers’ solution. But before we explain how it works and give you a few examples, let’s look at the email response benchmarks.

Email stats published in August 2016 by MailChimp show that medium businesses in Daily Deals/E-coupons sector had one of the worst response results. Open rate of 14.4% and a clickthrough rate of 2.01%. The Restaurant sector has even worse CTR – only of 1.3%. The Vitamin Supplements sector battles with CTR of 1.9%, and the E-commerce Open rate is currently only of 16.76%.
To improve their email marketing metrics, businesses usually undergo activities such as:
1. See how newsletters look in different email clients
2. Generate several suggestions for subject line
3. Personalize content
4. Test multiple templates
5. Find an overly wordy copy and simplify it
and many others but the results are still not satisfying. The right segmentation tool might be the perfect solution so how can it help those businesses? Firstly, here are a few details about the product.

The web and mobile segmentation tool such as clickBakers accurately segments, redirects and optimizes online traffic to achieve maximum online performance and can be easily applied in email marketing channel.

There are 3 steps in the process:
1. Audit incoming traffic
2. Create preferred traffic segments
3. Redirect segments to relevant offers


  1. Audit incoming online traffic means simply get to know your visitors. In this step, clickBakers tracks your visitors and identifies traffic attributes, e.g. city, device type, connection type, carrier, etc.
  2. Segmenting is a way how to choose the type of visitors you want to target. In this phase, clickBakers offers you the unique way to create traffic segments based on many criteria. But more importantly, clickBakers enables you to define the destination for every segment you generate.
  3.  Redirect is the final step when clickBakers leads traffic segments to a predefined URL. It’s traffic management in action to achieve the best match of a demand and offers.


As mentioned above Daily Deals/E-coupons industry sector is currently dealing with low engagement response in its email campaigns. The clickBakers might come in handy. Here is how. First, create basic segments based on let’s say city or carrier and secondly 3-5 competitive daily deals offers per each segment using the Percentage split option. Then monitored the results. In your next email campaign adapt the content of your newsletter to the best-converting offers. By doing that, you make your email message more attractive to your audience which will improve your email response metrics.


The Restaurant industry could definitely benefit from clickBakers GEO traffic parameter while running their email campaigns. By creating segments based on visitor’s location, an email recipient gets exactly the right landing page dedicated to local restaurants. The newsletters will seem more relevant to subscribers and therefore next time be opened and clicked more frequently.


The E-commerce businesses are often faced with one issue while entering new markets. They don’t have any internal data about new subscribers. So the first thing they need to do is gather as many information as possible about users preferences. clickBakers is the best fit for that case. An e-commerce site can split traffic and send it to and thus test several landing pages. Then make conclusions from results so the following newsletter dedicated to a particular subscribers’ segment will be tailor-made and have better response results.

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