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So you signed up for clickBakers. You created an account, chose the right package (free or premium) and now you’re starting to prepare online campaigns. But you are stuck, because you don’t know how to proceed. And we’re here to help you!

Below you can find a list of all useful resources, materials, video tutorials and walk-throughs, our comprehensive eBooks, success stories from various customers and much more. All important information in one place.


Download one of our free eBooks and learn more about affiliate marketing, traffic optimization, media buying, and more.

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Video Tutorials

The video tutorials will help you navigate the clickBakers platform, set up rules, launch campaigns, and become proficient in using all the important features to manage your traffic effectively.

Blogs posts, guides and business tips

You can find plenty of useful information, resources, tips for managing your online campaigns in the most efficient way and detailed explanations of certain features at our blog.

Success Cases

Read successful examples of how other businesses are using clickBakers to achieve effective traffic management and increase campaign performance.

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If you want to know more about our smart traffic management, stay tuned! You can watch video tutorials and also read more growth tips on our blogSign up today, try our mobile web tracker and optimize your campaigns – because with us you always get the basic package for free. 

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