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We have great news for our users and for the community of performance marketers. From now on clickBakers provides not only unparalleled tool for your online traffic management but is able to measure your marketing performance with the new conversion tracking feature.

Server to Server Conversion Tracking

In order to help you run successful campaigns, we have deployed a new clickBakers version with conversion tracking feature. There are three commonly used tracking methods in online marketing.
The first one is Javascript based tracking depending on conversion tracking code placed on a thank you page, the second one is the image pixel tracking involving a cookie placed on a users’ computer after they click on an advertisement. The last one – Server to Server tracking method doesn’t use cookies for storing tracking information, rather generates and stores a unique ID on the server everytime a user clicks on a tracking link. In case, of a later conversion, the unique ID is matched to the user by sending it back to the tracking server.

After a Click

  1. User clicks on a clickBakers’ tracking link
    2. clickBakers adds identifier to the destination URL before redirection happens
    3. When the user visits the landing page the identifier is included and stored by a merchant server

After a conversion

1. The user converts
2. Server sends data to clickBakers through postback URL
3. clickBakers servers register conversion and all the related values

Server-to-Server tracking i.e. S2S conversion tracking or post back URL conversion method has many benefits over cookie-based conversion tracking e.g. fraud prevention. The fact that S2S conversion tracking doesn’t rely on cookies makes it accurate since cookies can be cleared or expire.

How can you set up conversion tracking in clickBakers account

Before we go through the setup process step-by-step, we have to mention that together with the conversion tracking feature, clickBakers varied administration of destinations. A major point of an online traffic targeting is now an offer. Offers are destination URLs where users send their traffic. It might be a landing page, a mobile application, or any other targeted internet property promoting one product or service of given company.
A network, on the other hand, can be considered as a company, a source of a variety of offers e.g, affiliate program, ad network, CPA network etc. Creating and designating names of networks where you direct your traffic can be beneficial not only for online traffic monitoring but also for performance reporting. clickBakers solution is set to track conversions on the network level. Therefore, to activate conversion tracking for an offer, a user needs to assign it to one of the networks.

There are several items to define while creating a new network.
network clickbakers menu
clickBakers postback URL is a link provided to network operator by clickBakers’ user. A given network will then send a callback – a conversion report to this link.

cbid parameter is a tracking parameter used by clickBakers to identify click which generated conversion.

cbid parameter when sending traffic – in some cases traffic network accepts a special name for a tracking parameter. If this is the case, a name of the parameter should be defined. clickbakers’ system will send a click identifier accordingly.

cbid parameter when conversion reported – in some cases traffic network will report a conversion but the name of the click will be different. Then a name of the parameter should be chosen. clickBakers will correctly process this id when a conversion is reported.

A Unique Network Transaction ID name
Some networks will report each transaction with their unique identifier. If the network is reporting transaction ID, a name of the parameter under which the transaction id will be reported should be defined. This way clickBakers’ user will be able to identify duplicate reports or easily communicate transactions with the network.

There is also a possibility to enable payout reporting by a traffic network. A user should then click on the option and provide necessary information to track it – specify a name of the parameter in which this value is provided. The currency of conversion and cost reports is predefined by the system as USD but might be changed in the application settings.

currency - application settings

In clickBakers’ statistics with downloadable and customizable reports, a user has an access to data on costs and profit associated with given campaign.

Tracking cost per campaign and possibility to analyze the profitability of the campaign is now available to all trial account.
Enjoy full speed clickBaking now! Sign in here or create your account.


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