Our Drill-Down Statistics Will Make You Question Everything


New feature alert! Drill down options in the statistics are now available in clickBakers reports and you can dig deeper to uncover even more details about your traffic.

What is new in clickBakers reporting?

Previously, there were only two dimensions that you were able to check in the statistics. Now we’ve added much deeper statistics and aspects that you can filter and analyze. All data are posted in real time. With such feature, you will have a chance to understand your traffic on a very detailed level.

How can I efficiently use drill down options?

With our advanced reports and the possibility to drill down the statistics to the very last detail, you can get better insights and understanding about the behavior of your users. It will also help you to adapt your current strategy to perform more efficiently and bring better results.

What exactly can I see in clickBakers reports?

You can view the reports on various levels – based on the campaign, country, offer, device type, connection type, operating system, date, category, source and network. The best part of this update is that right now, you can choose a dimension and get deeper in the statistics. For example, you can check a campaign called “Black Tulips”; then you can have a look at the stats of this campaign in several different countries, like Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Then you can go even deeper and analyze the data only in Germany, based on the device (phone, desktop). You can choose whichever dimension you want and analyze everything.


You can also choose what exactly do you want to see in the graph – clicks, conversions, revenue, CVR – conversions ratio, RPCV – average revenue per conversion and RPM – revenue per thousand clicks.


And of course, you can choose the exact time frame. You can compare the results on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and you can even create your own custom range. Here you also have a lot of options. For example, you can have a look at the statistics for the last week and in the table, you can set the date as a dimension and then you can see detailed statistics for each day of the week.


The chart also shows you the chosen time overview of your desired statistics. You can make a choice between a line and a bar graph.


Try it now and have a look at our Live Demo. Discover the world of opportunities and monetize your traffic better with clickBakers.

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