Great Start of the Year at Affiliate Summit West

clickBakers at ASW16 in Las Vegas

clickBakers at ASW16 in Las Vegas


It’s been a second time for clickBakers to participate and exhibit at the Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas. Several thousand people in attendance, the event was jam packed the entire time  with digital marketing professionals from across the globe. And that’s what all of us expected and desired – to have an immense resource of opportunities to network, learn, exchange information, introduce our products and services, and most importantly establish new and nurture the existing relationships.

clickBakers was well represented by our four-member team from marketing and sales led by our Managing Director Rene Pour. We’re happy to claim it was a highly productive and fun event with an intense networking action happening during the Meet Market on the first day of the show.

Meet Market

The success of Meet Market might be attributed to the simplicity of its format – rows of hundreds of table cloth covered tables lacking the funky décors of branded booths, giving the perception of equal opportunity for exhibitors to shine in front of attendees. It proved to be very efficient for us not only in terms of quantity, but seemingly also in terms of quality of exchanged contacts.  And without a doubt, clickBakers branded blue-mirrored sunnies helped in attracting crowds our way:)

clickBakers’ Expo Booth

Lots of valuable connections, opportunities to network and speak to potential clients, discussions about product and topics related to the importance of traffic filtering and optimization – this would sum up two busy days on the Expo floor. But besides the thrill of the Meet Market and Expo floor, what trends and topics resonated with us at the ASW16?

Buzz of #ASW16

1. Optimization – overused buzzword, many might say. Indeed, much has been said about optimizationa strategies to improve your ROI and maximize traffic performance, however we feel that some marketers are still lost in the optimization game. For us at clickBakers, possibility of traffic and campaign optimization is the core benefit of our platform and the reason majority of our users invest in the service. New blog post on this topic with relevancy to clickBakers will be published soon, but in the meanwhile you can read this feature to get a glimpse of our take on optimization.

  1. Influencer marketing – bloggers, YouTubers, content generators, cyber superstars…not necessarily something new to hear about, but definitely a continuous trend in the affiliate and performance marketing environment. For the visionary marketers, the influencer marketing opens up new opportunities for brands to connect with consumers in a more believable, organic way. It can truly be powerful and it’s native advertising at its best. But discovering influencers – the new sincere voices for brands, and managing their relationships, expectations and results is definitely something that many marketers still need to continue learning in order to find success.
  1. Mobile – is here to stay in a big way. Sessions on mobile media buying strategies, mobile traffic optimization and mobile performance were in full attendance which could mean that mobile is a never-ending learning experience. At least for now. When it comes to success in mobile traffic monetization and performance, we recommend giving importance to the accuracy of traffic detection and filtering. The reason is obvious – it provides avenues for a more relevant targeting and customization of the content offered to mobile users based on specific attributes of mobile traffic, which naturally results in higher conversions. The mobile topic is prevalent with clickBakers due to our platform’s ability to detect, filter and target mobile traffic with the utmost preciseness. Read the following post to learn more or visit our blog regularly to get tips on mobile traffic optimization.


Thank You!

ASW16 was a memorable event and our team is already looking forward to attending ASE16 in NYC this summer. Big thanks to organizers of Affiliate Summit for another successful conference. See you again in New York City!


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    Thanks so much for coming out to Las Vegas and for your support of Affiliate Summit.

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