Hide Referrer or Double Meta Refresh in clickBakers

Activate the hide referrer in clickBakers

Enable the hide referrer or meta refresh option in clickBakers

Some wishes do come true. You asked we listened, and now clickBakers offers the feature on hiding referrers also called Double Meta Refresh.

What is Meta Refresh?

Meta refresh is a redirect mode instructing the browser to refresh and load a new URL. After a click action, the browser starts loading the page – but only the head, not the body, before starting a redirection to a new destination.

What is Double Meta Refresh (also Called Hide Referrer)?

Simply, meta refresh twice in a row. Double meta refresh should be used when you wish to hide referring sources of your traffic. The first meta refresh still does include the referrer, but after the double meta refresh redirects to a second page, the referrer then becomes the first meta refresh site. Naturally, this is the slowest redirect due to the multiple page loads, but it is the most effective mode if referrer data are to be obscured.

When a user clicks on a CTA, he is being redirected to a 3rd party offer or a target site URL. If you as an affiliate want to hide the referral source from the offer owner, you can use the double meta refresh to hide referrer data. The offer owner is then not able to see the original referrer data, but only the interim domain (first meta refresh) info.

How Does Double Meta Refresh Work in clickBakers?

When a “Hide Referrer” function is enabled, clickBakers will substitute the referrer URL with a clean domain name to initiate a direct visit. So, when a user clicks a campaign link, he is then redirected to the destination URL via a clean interim domain name.
To enable HIDE REFERRER function for a particular offer, go to SEGMENTS (Create a new segment or edit the existing one), continue to OFFERS and check the HIDE REFERRER option on the bottom.

Enable hide referrer option in clickBakers

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