Highlights from Internet Advertising Conference in Prague

clickBakers attended Internet Advertising Conference in Prague

clickBakers attended Internet Advertising Conference in Prague


Agencies, marketers and brands must stay relevant and keeping up with what’s new and successful is just the start. And it might be for this very same reason why 600+ digital marketers from all over the Czech Republic and Slovakia decided to attend the 9th year of Prague’s Internet Advertising Conference, one of the largest digital marketing events in the country.

Although it was mainly an educational event packed with seminars, presentations, and case studies, clickBakers was one of the five exhibitors with a small booth in the main conference lobby. To get some exposure for the brand and meet fellow marketers, we held a contest with several attractive prizes. Thanks to all that participated and answered our questionnaire, and big congratulations to all the winners!

Among the trending topics and highlights that caught our interest were:

1. Influencer Marketing

There is no doubt that the popularity of influencer marketing is rising worldwide. It was stimulating to see that marketers in the Czech Republic are leveraging this trend and doing so with remarkable results. As concerns about ad blocking grow, brands clearly feel that influencer marketing is important and are ready to embrace its benefits. Several speakers shared their enviable success stories proving influencer marketing in social media gives them better results in terms of visibility and recognition, and that engagement directly contributes to business goals. Influencers act as strategic resources to consumers seeking direction and brands must find an entertaining yet meaningful way to serve them. Identifying relevant influencers is the key and there are specialized talent agencies to help with this challenge. Whether it is a better awareness, increased sales or deeper loyalty, marketers are seeing the results and the trend is here for a long haul.

2. Enhanced Targeting through Publisher Exchange

Audience segmentation has always been an undeniable part of successful marketing strategies. In digital, smart segmentation is becoming more accessible thanks to the influx of Data Management Platforms (DMPs) or Publisher Exchanges. Presentation by CPEX – Czech Publisher Exchange featured a case study on how third-party publisher data that capture user intent and behavior can help brands to target audience segments based on their likelihood to buy with a goal to improve campaign performance. Access to audience segments benefits all parties involved by delivering increased value and incremental business through enhanced data so it is a win-win for publishers as well as advertisers.

3. What Should Ad Blocking Be When It Grows Up?

One of the highlights of the conference was a presentation from Gabriel Cubbage, the CEO of AdBlock and his co-worker Antoine Boegler, Team Manager of AdBlock. Immediately after their introduction, an atmosphere in the hall has changed dramatically. The audience full of marketers, media buyers, publishers, and many other advertising professionals whose income depends on ad’s visibility was about to listen to a speech of their currently biggest adversary in the field. Gabriel Cubbage certainly didn’t disappoint those expecting a bad behaviour with his chewing gum, slightly neurotic rhetorical style and read script. On the other hand, Cubbage brought up a few relevant points in his speech pointing at culminating advertising overload on the internet which became a chaotic place where publishers don’t have control over the content of their advertising space and many times gave up on it completely with the vision of quick cash. And advertisers beyond whose manners became way back as annoying as those of a good old TV. Internet users invited AdBlock as a resistant move against marketing going insane.

AdBlock is despite written above slowly on the fallback as shown afterwards in the presentation by Petr Bednar. AdBlock’s input into the online advertising world is though still palpable and it forces publishers, advertisers, and ad tech industry to reform their business approach to consumers.


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