Success Case: Manage Your Online Traffic Using IP Range Targeting

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Customer’s Business Case

A company called The Internet Superhouse, an internet service provider, aims to reach a new audience and gain new customers launching advertising campaign communicating special promotion – 3 months free internet services. Showing this benefit to existing customers would be a waste of money since the offer is available only for new customers.

Campaign Rundown

The aim of their online campaign is to get as many new customers as possible, but at the same time, the company doesn’t want to expose this special offer to their current ones, which could hinder the performance of the campaign. So the strategy is to leverage the traffic and monetize it.

In order to reach the goal, the decision was made that potential customer who clicks on the ad communicating internet services by The Internet Superhouse ends up on a different landing page than the existing one. Prospects will be led to a page displaying “free internet” promotion but existing customers will see a different type of offer.

Before The Internet Superhouse launches the online campaign and deploys ads of many different formats across websites and apps they need to create two landing pages. Every one of them matches the status of the user clicking on an ad.

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In this case, clickBakers helps the Internet Superhouse easily set up NETWORK rules using IP range targeting to redirect traffic to a specific customer-status-based landing page. The Internet Superhouse has achieved with just one encrypted URL connected with all their marketing channels that no click would be wasted and thus highly increases chances to monetize the users.

HOW it’s Done?

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Set rules based on NETWORK parameter and define the IP range

button clickBakers set up
Specify destination URL in every rule based on defined NETWORK parameter

button clickbakers set up
Save changes, copy the generated link and send it to the publishers



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