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Since the last release of clickBakers software solution, our users experience a new upgraded version with a slightly different approach to tracking and targeting traffic.  This post is a guide to the new working flow within clickBakers interface. We’re here to help you figure out what is new and better.

Fallback Destination versus Default Destination

We used to call this feature Default Destination but since the new release, it has been changed to the Fallback Destination. We think that this new term describes better what it does, which is – defining where your traffic will be redirected in case no filter matches with incoming traffic.

How to set it up
Simply choose item called Fallback Destination under the Traffic option from the left menu and then define a network URL. All your traffic will be redirected to this defined destination if your clicks don’t match any of the rules you’ve set up.



Campaigns – the place where it all begins

As you log in, the first item in the Traffic menu is from now on Campaigns. A campaign in clickBakers enables you to easily categorize and monitor your traffic, generate links for your advertising partners and check incoming traffic statistics. While creating a new campaign a user have to specify a name for the new campaign. The second field Source defines where you are getting traffic for selected campaign (e.g. name of an ad network, affiliate network).  It is not mandatory though we recommend to use it to improve statistics, filtering, and targeting. The third optional item in Campaign menu is the Category which helps you identify traffic by niches and verticals. (examples: dating, gaming, financial)


After you save and reopen your new campaign, the new field appears on the bottom. It contains the final and most important data for the success of your advertising and that is URL to be deployed across apps and websites.

See how you perform straight away with better campaign stats

A deployment of the new clickBakers version upgraded also our storage ability. By using the new type of storage we are able to store much more information and to display statistics very fast. Even longer periods of time are displayed immediately.

A user might experience this refinement while generating reports for his/her campaign. To do that just click on the first icon in the Campaign table. Then select dimensions such as source, category, device, operator etc. and date range for your report.

campaign stats in clickbakers

Network as the new term for chosen traffic destination


The Network is a source of a variety of offers, e.g. affiliate program, ad network, CPA network, etc. Designating names of networks where you direct your traffic can be beneficial for performance monitoring and reporting. There are a few ways how to create a new network. One way is to click on Network item in the Traffic menu and then specify network name and URL for the network. The other two fields are optional. You may also specify forwarding of internal parameters (Partner ID, Source ID etc.) as well as filtering criteria and preview generated URL here.

networks in clickbakers

networks' parameters forwarding in clickbakers

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