Don’t Hold Back Your Location-Based Mobile Marketing & Geo-Targeting


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The majority of smartphone owners use their phone to get directions or other information based on their current location. IP address can now pin down the location of the user to within one kilometer. With such high accuracy and so many people using the location services, you are actually losing money by not focusing on mobile geo-targeting.

Focusing on location-based mobile marketing and tracking your customers via geo-targeting has never been as important as it is now.

The tracking of mobile parameters is very complex and only few tracking systems can provide accurate data. You can target mobile traffic by several criteria, such as connection (WiFi/3G/4G), operating system (Android, iOS,…) and even the device type (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, iPhone 5S,…). You need to take into account some of these data to be able to execute a successful mobile campaign.

These criteria can help you to target the right audience in many of your campaigns and maximize your profits. For example by offering the right app to users with Android device or the right product to iPhone users.

But even more important – and financially interesting for you – is a proper geo-targeting. With accurate localization of your target audience, you can adapt your mobile campaigns on an even deeper level.

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For example, you are promoting an offer: a voucher with 50% discount to a local coffee shop. If you target your audience based on the location, you will only focus on people within this particular city. Then you have a higher chance that more of them will use this offer, buy a voucher and visit the coffee shop.


Such approach allows you to adapt your offers based on where your target consumers are located geographically.

Or another scenario, let’s say you’re selling movie tickets to several cinemas in different cities. If you accurately target potential customers in the radius of 10 km within each cinema, you will be able to redirect every person depending on their location and show them the relevant offer. Your target audience will end up on the offer which they are most likely to buy.  

If your campaign comes with the carrier billing, then your customers will be able to buy these tickets with just a few clicks on their phones. And you’ll get much more conversions than in any other scenario.

So here comes the warning for mobile marketers and affiliates working with mobile traffic: Don’t lose money by not using geo-targeting for your mobile campaigns.

With clickBakers, you can segment your traffic by country, region and even down to a city level. With such option, you can efficiently track mobile traffic and optimize your offers.


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