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Leverage the most accurate mobile web tracker and traffic management software. clickBakers is your ideal partner for everything you need in order to efficiently manage your mobile traffic. You can easily identify all parameters of incoming traffic including geographic data, connection, device type, operating system, etc. We offer precise mobile tracking, accurate carrier targeting, intelligent post-click optimization and advanced mobile traffic segmentation. 

Mobile Web Tracker For Affiliate Industry

Our progressive tools will help you improve the traffic performance with analytics, segmentation, targeting and optimization all in one place.

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1. Precise Mobile Tracking & Filtering

It is not always easy to accurately track and filter mobile traffic because there are a lot of variables. The types of mobile traffic can be broken down based on different factors such as: connection (WiFi and 3G/4G); operating system (Android, iOS,…); device type and brand (Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone 5,…); browser (Google Chrome Mobile, Android, Opera,…); geographic data (country, region, city,…), etc. Some of these variables play an important role when you’re targeting specific campaigns. With clickBakers, you can precisely track and identify your mobile traffic so that you can execute your mobile campaigns to their maximum potential.

mobile traffic management2. Accurate Carrier Targeting

clickBakers offers you a mobile carrier targeting with an accurate and exclusive database of IP ranges from mobile operators worldwide. We can track mobile traffic in a very effective way and help you with mobile targeting based on the carrier. With such information, you can manage your targeting efficiently and intelligently to achieve the highest ad relevancy. This can be very useful for specific campaigns and is especially beneficial for the offers that involve carrier billings.


3. Intelligent Post-Click Optimization

Advanced post-click segmentation and optimization are really important in order to maximize the efficiency of your campaigns. You can use A/B testing, real-time re-directs, day and night parting, click capping, percentage splits as well as other flexible campaign rules. There are many tools that will help you to optimize your efforts for the best results and with clickBakers, you can modify your campaigns quickly and effortlessly.


4. Advanced Mobile Traffic Segmentation

Accurate traffic segmentation is also very important in the fragmented mobile environment. With clickBakers, you can segment the data to multiple, custom defined clusters. Efficient segmentation will help you to quickly identify key performance indicators, so you can focus on improving your mobile performance. This will also assure the increased conversions that will generate the highest profits.

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