Success Case: Sell more music downloads in regions with low credit card payment

clickBakers success case - music downloads

Customer’s Business Case

The biggest task music server called Musical is facing right now is how to get paid for music downloads among people who do not use or own credit card for their payment. The answer is carrier billing- it allows people to buy digital content by adding the cost of a purchase directly to their mobile bill. Carrier billing is popular because is offering a frictionless, one-click payment experience.

Campaign Rundown

The aim of their online campaign is to increase the music downloads sales and to expand in markets with a low credit card payment rate. The Musical company has a contract with almost every carrier in Spain and wants to raise ads’ conversion rate on search and display mobile network for 3G and 4G connection users.

Their advertising campaign’s visuals are all in line with the goal to sell a new app. Thanks to clickBakers solution they might use just one URL address generated by Link Builder tool regardless of the marketing channel.

Man with headphones

The Solution offers an ideal set of tools for redirecting mobile traffic to the chosen landing page. The advertiser can match effortlessly the user’s profile defined by the country, device type, operating system, connection type and even a carrier.

In this case, clickBakers helps the Musical company to target easily 3G or 4G connection users in Spain and redirect them to a special landing page with carrier billing as the only payment method. By doing that, the Musical achieves a higher conversion rate of their ads and finally maximizes sales.

HOW it’s Done?

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Set rules based on GEO, DEVICE, CONNECTION, CARRIER parameter.

Specify destination URL.

Save changes, copy the generated link and use it everywhere you advertise



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