Success case: Online Traffic Management for Telecom Companies

success case 4 - online traffic management for telecom companiesCustomer’s Business Case – Online Traffic Management for Telecom Companies

According to The FORBES Global 2000 – the most powerful public businesses list, China Mobile, Verizon Communications and Vodafone, top the rank of the world’s largest telecommunication companies. The telecom industry has evolved over the years and is thriving thanks to our increasingly connected world. In many European and North American countries telecom companies became the biggest advertisers running multi million campaigns leveraging each marketing channel available on the market.

Surely this sounds promising for the advertising sector, but as the Ad Age’s annual report “200 Leading National Advertisers” shows the growth rate is the lowest since 2010 and even the big spenders are hugely considerate about their marketing budget. The top advertisers led by influential marketers reallocate their marketing budgets toward digital on a large scale and strive to spend smarter with the goal to make their media buys more efficient. At the end of the day nothing matters more than performance of any marketing campaign.

Road - online traffic with clickBakers

And that’s when an intelligent post-click optimization solution comes to play. So let us give you a rundown on clickBakers’ role in telecom advertising campaigns.

What are the benefits of clickBakers for telecom companies?
1. It enables to leverage the most advanced detection of multi-source & multi-device inbound web traffic. Target users by geo, device, carrier, connection, operating system, browser and additional custom parameters or even execute precise carrier targeting. clickBakers‘ exclusive database of IP ranges from 50+ carriers in 20+ countries is crucial for telecom companies.
2. It simplifies traffic targeting via automated filtering solution and gets all the click intelligence for smarter targeting.
3. It provides easy segmentation of clicks by preferred parameters in order to better understand their performance.

Campaign Rundown

Let’s take a closer look at the German telecom company which aims at to run a customer acquisition campaign and increase conversion rate by 30% compared to the past acquisition activities. The performance increase could only be done with a tracking solution that provides a sufficiently broad range of post-click data. clickBakers was an ideal choice since it‘s an easy-to-use, intuitive platform with a quick campaign set up and has multiple post-click optimization functionalities.

The aim of their online campaign is to acquire new customers by promoting them price-competitive offers. In order to reach that goal, every user who clicks on the ad should reach the landing page showing customized offers. Each user of Android or iPhone device as well as every consumer browsing from competitors’s network will be redirected to a relevant landing page.

Let’s say Android users with Samsung mobiles will be redirected to the landing page offering new edition of their device, or competitor‘s customer from e.g. Mobilcom, O2, Tmobile, Eplus networks will end up on the lander with special benefit overbidding other companies. Before the telecom company launches the online campaign and deploys ads across websites and apps, they would create several landing pages. Every one of them matches the parameters of their potential users clicking on ads.

HOW it’s Done?

button 1 clickBakers set upSet rules based on traffic parameters such as CONNECTION TYPE, DEVICE TYPE and CARRIER.

button clickBakers set upSpecify destination URL in every rule based on chosen parameter

button clickbakers set upSave changes, copy the generated link and send it to your traffic sources.




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