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3 Useful Tips for Online Gaming Affiliates

Online gaming is the world full of opportunities. Site owners, as well as affiliates, can reach high profits across this industry. Even though it’s still not completely accepted in some countries, the popularity of online casinos or fantasy sports is increasing at a steady rate. Over

Ad Tracking & Ad Targeting

Adland, Make It Rain!

Everybody in media and publishing agrees that there are way too many content consumers and not enough mobile ads that convert. Mobile is on the rise and it has been for quite a while, but all big players still cannot fully cash out. Who Used

mobile traffic

Mobile Traffic Tracking As We See It

Much has been claimed about identifying sources of mobile traffic. But based on personal experience and many years in mobile affiliate network environment, we’ve seen than almost nobody, no affiliate, ad network, performance network or affiliate tracking system, can do it accurately. The types of