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you ask CB answer april

You Ask, clickBakers Answers – April Edition

Question 1: How can I target cities in the US? Hello, A short question; I’m missing within the region settings locations like New York, San Francisco, and many others. So is it possible to set rules for locations like “New York” or “San Francisco” or

3 ways to manage online campaigns

3 Ways to Manage Online Campaigns

      Today we will show you three examples how to leverage traffic distribution systems while running an online campaign. Learn how to segment consumers by network type, geographical location or a carrier. Case 1 – Your Products Are Paid by Direct Carrier Billing

conversion tracking with clickBakers

Conversion Tracking is Now Online

    We have great news for our users and for the community of performance marketers. From now on clickBakers provides not only unparalleled tool for your online traffic management but is able to measure your marketing performance with the new conversion tracking feature. Server