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The news ticker & updated charts on a dashboard screen

A dashboard is an entry point to view your data and statistics within clickBakers system. We have recently enriched the screen with a new functionality – a news ticker. It’s a horizontal, text-based display placed on the top of the dashboard presenting key metrics of managed online traffic. There are three predefined parameters on the slide: clicks, conversions, and revenue expressed in absolute and percentage value over the last week.  A user can select which campaign, network, source, category or an offer is shown on the news ticker and also decide whether the totals will rotate on an overview with other traffic segments.


Bellow the news ticker a user can view the line chart showing live, daily, weekly, or monthly overview of chosen metrics. There are 6 choices: clicks, revenue, conversions, RPM – revenue per thousand clicks, RPCV – average revenue per conversion, CVM – conversions per thousand clicks. The line chart visualizes a trend in selected data over intervals of time. In case a user picks let’s say daily overview, pie charts appear underneath showing, even more, overviews for three parameters – traffic, conversions and revenue divided by six dimensions. For example, the revenue is visualized in six pie charts showing percentage value generated by top five campaigns, sources, networks, offers, operators, and countries.


 Faster and customizable tables

clickBakers implemented an advanced JavaScript data grid into its web application (ad-Grid) so that its users won’t have to export data to Excel or any other reporting tool. This grid component is used in clickBakers enterprise analytics and reporting, enabling clickBakers to perform even more smoothly than before. From now on a quick data filtering, aggregation and grouping help users get more done.


Search offers & Wifi traffic divided by country

With the goal to make media buyers’ work easy, we have added an option to search for offers while creating a new filtering and targeting rule.
So after a user specifies segment criteria and proceeds to traffic management table, then in the first window selects the offer name by typing the first letter and clicking on one of the filtered offers.


We have also updated the report section, where the Wifi as a connection type, is from now on divided by country, thus providing, even more data about the traffic performance.

New interface with responsive layout

Finally, the best part of the recent update. clickBakers’ responsive layout not only does make our web application look good on all devices but also flawlessly provides its functions. So no matter if you access the app using desktops, tablets, or phone, clickBakers is fully up to speed and ready to serve your online traffic.

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