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Discover The Best Online Traffic Segmentation Tool for Media Buyers & Affiliates

Video Script:
Imagine the world where you can act as your own performance network. Where you have the perfect tool to precisely segment your inbound traffic, target it to the chosen offers, constantly monitor its performance and easily identify the best converting combinations. This world exists. And unlike your CONVENTIONAL affiliate trackers and performance marketing solutions, this world is designed to END time-consuming, repetitive tasks and illogical flows and instead focus on processes to help you MAXIMIZE YOUR EARNINGS from every click.
clickBakers is your tool to achieve the MOST PROFITABLE MONETIZATION OF YOUR TRAFFIC SOURCES based on game-changing click SEGMENTATION and OPTIMIZATION performed primarily on an OFFER LEVEL.

Standard trackers and performance tools operate on a CAMPAIGN LEVEL with repetitive tasks needed to be set up for every campaign regardless if they could be applied globally for all campaigns. And in a likely instance of using the same offer or segment in multiple campaigns, flows can really get confusing. Plus proper and advanced segmentation is far from easy to manage.

In comparison, clickBakers flow is designed logically to enable applying traffic segments and rules globally and set them up only once regardless of various offers or traffic sources.

This makes clickBakers an easier tool better geared towards the needs of media buyers, affiliates, and networks that actually want to focus on PERFORMANCE and EASY IDENTIFICATION OF THE BEST CONVERTING SEGMENTS and OFFERS rather than relying on pure TRACKING & ANALYTICS.

clickBakers is designed to act like a performance network at your fingertips.

Cut the Middleman. Be Your Own Performance Network.
Discover the segments and offers that make you the most money. Only with clickBakers.

If you are looking for more information about the product, you can watch our Demo Video.


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