What a Year! Summary of 2016

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2016 is almost over. And it was quite a year for clickBakers. So many things have happened. We improved our affiliate traffic management platform, added new features and updated the functionalities. Our team has been growing and traveling around the world to meet the biggest players in the affiliate industry. We’ve been improving and getting better every day.

Here are a few highlights from our year.

Events around the world

It was absolutely great to have a chance to meet successful affiliates and internet marketing entrepreneurs at various events and conferences. Our year started at the Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas where we presented the platform to hundreds of affiliates from all around the world and made some great connections. Summer kept us busy attending Israel Mobile Summit in Tel Aviv, Affiliate World Europe in Berlin, and Affiliate Summit East in New York. We also showcased clickBakers in our region at the Internet Advertising Conference and The European Summit in Prague. To conclude the busy year, we exhibited at iGaming Summit Malta and Affiliate World Asia in Bangkok – both highly dynamic experiences. And now is the time to get ready for 2017!  

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clickBakers’ growing team

Our product is improving, the company is growing, and so is our team. This year we welcomed new Managing Director, Maimuna, who is bringing clickBakers to the next level.
The marketing team with Yarka and Mirka in charge is busy improving and implementing overall marketing strategy – from organizing participation and exposure at industry events to creating engaging blog content and promoting clickBakers across a variety of channels.

We’re also proud to announce new members of the Sales team – our Sales Support Coordinator Zuzka has been recently joined by Sales Managers Nicole, Richard, and Magdalena. So, look forward to meeting them at the next affiliate industry events!
From the product aspect, 2016 has brought many signs of progress thanks to the Product Manager Tomas and a group of hard-working developers. Thanks to their vision and skills, as well as taking direction based on the customer feedback, we now offer one of the best tracking solutions in the industry.

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New pricing

This is probably the highlight of the year for most of you! We modified our pricing and adapted it to the needs of all players in the industry.
You asked, and we listened. As a response to customer demands, we’ve decided to introduce several different pricing packages. With such selection, everyone can choose an option that will fit best their needs.

The goal is to make our affiliate tracking platform available to a wider audience suitable from small to super affiliates, media buyers, and affiliate networks. Now you can choose a package and features that will help you monetize your traffic in the most efficient and profitable way.


Top 3 new features that we implemented this year

In 2016 we succeeded to add many new features and to update some of the functionalities including:

  • Conversion tracking & related statistics – you can read more about that here
  • New interface – more user-friendly, with better functionality; you can test it in our demo
  • Migration to the new data center – faster, more reliable and more stable; ready to handle huge amount of traffic 

Top 3 upcoming features for 2017

You have a lot more to look forward in 2017. Our product & development teams are busy updating various features and adding new options that will be available in early 2017.
We are excited to present you all these:

  • Landing pages 
  • Custom parameters tracking 
  • New pricing – read more here

What is waiting for us in 2017

2017 is behind the corner and the upcoming year will be even more challenging and busy for clickBakers. Apart from the release of several new features, we will keep working on improving the platform and tweaking the details. And some logistic changes are coming up too, as we will move our office to a brand new business venue in Bratislava.
You will also have a chance to meet our team at various affiliate events around the world, starting with Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas in January, followed by Gaming Affiliate Conference in London. We will join Mobile World Barcelona and of course, Affiliate World Berlin! Stay tuned for more info about other shows throughout the year 2017.

Keep up with clickBakers, read our blog and follow us on social media!

We wish you an amazing holiday season and we look forward to working with you in the years to come.





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