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You Ask CB Answers February




As promised in January, here is another edition of You Ask, clickBakers Answers series, where we choose a few questions frequently asked by our customers and answer them as clearly as possible. For the first-time visitors, please, check also our January blog post.

Question 1: Can you pass a dynamic parameter through Clickbackers?

Hi There,

We are wondering whether there is an ability in your system to pass dynamic parameters through the process? So, for our test example something like: where the &subid . . . part is passed through to the redirect URL dynamically.

The need arises as many of our partners use dynamic tags from their systems as part of conversion tracking – they are not part of our switching rules, there are lots of them, and they are dynamically created so it is not necessary or possible for us to set them up as individual Campaigns – but it is important to pass them through.

We tried it and it doesn’t seem to work at present.

Is this something that:
· Is standard and we can turn on; or

· You can turn on; or

· You might be able to add as custom functionality?

We just started trialling your system post Affiliate Summit – and gather you just did a major release that made quite substantial changes to the interface and how it works – like removing the numbering system for Sources etc. Is that correct?

Luke B.


The answer to the first question is: yes you can.

Whatever you attach after the campaign link ( will be passed on to the destination you’ve had the traffic redirect to.
You can turn this functionality on and off yourself for each targeting rule that you set up. To do this switch the Targeting Interface to “Advanced”. The functionality you’re looking for is called “Inbound parameter forwarding”. If this is checked all incoming parameters will be passed on to the targeted network, if it is unchecked it will not. It’s one of our core functionalities and should always work.

you ask clickBakers answer february

And yes. We’ve launched a new and improved interface last week that was intended to make things a little easier to set up and understand. This also removed the numbering for Sources etc. These are now tied to campaigns as you can (but don’t have to) assign one particular source to a campaign. So it is no longer needed to add the source ID parameter to the traffic link and everything is now driven by the campaign.

Question 2:  How much does clickBakers service cost?

How much does this service cost after the 30-day trial?

Thanks Andy


We offer a set of monthly plans depending on your traffic volume. There are three basic levels of up to 2 Million Clicks (99$), up to 20 Million (499$), or up to 100 Million (999$). Our complete price list can be found here: . If you have more traffic that you would like to filter through clickBakers, please, contact our sales department at sales(at) for an individual quote.

 you ask clickBakers answer - pricing - february

Question 3: Is it possible to extend a trial period with clickBakers?

I received a message from you guys yesterday about closing my account in 30 days, I didn’t know there was a time limit, I haven’t had time to test just yet because my server that I run traffic through is being worked on hopefully it will be back online in a week, if you can please extend the time I have for testing, thank you, Andrew


Usually, a trial lasts 30 days. However, we can extend your trial if it needs to be. Just let us know, so we can discuss a period of extension.

Question 4: Does clickBakers sell targeted traffic?

Hi, My name is Tom. I have an Amazon store and I am looking for targeted traffic to my store? Is this something you can provide under your Affiliate program? thx Tom


clickBakers does not own any offers or has nothing to do with generating traffic, nor does it run its own affiliate program. clickBakers is solely a tool for TRACKING, TARGETING and REDIRECTING traffic. It is a technical solution/platform intended for performance marketers, traffic owners, media buyers, webmasters, affiliates, and networks to manage their existing traffic flow.
Feel free to reach out if you need additional information.

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