What is clickBakers?

A complete solution designed for tracking, targeting and optimization of web & mobile campaigns. clickBakers is one of best tools on the market that precisely tracks parameters of inbound traffic to enable better segmentation with a goal of more effective and relevant targeting. clickBakers also provides conversion tracking to measure performance of managed campaigns.

What can I use clickBakers for?

clickBakers enables you to track, segment and target all types of your inbound traffic and campaigns. Our platform also serves as a post-click optimization tool providing details on all your post-click data so you can segment and redirect your traffic to the destinations with the highest relevancy. In addition, you can use clickBakers to set up your conversion tracking via S2S technology. Users can use multiple advanced options to redirect traffic with or without inbound parameters or even add multiple dynamic parameters to the links.

What are main advantages of clickBakers?

Main advantages of using clickBakers are instant campaign set up, easy management and flexible post-click optimization.

Instant campaign set up – clickBakers is a SaaS solution hosted on secure cloud services provider so you don’t need to maintain any hardware and software infrastructure and start using it in minutes.

Easy campaign management – friendly user interface with helpful tool tips make user navigation and campaign management easy and efficient.

Flexible post-click optimization - it is easy to adjust any targeting rules and modify segmentation criteria based on the character of inbound traffic.

Why is clickBakers better than other tracking and targeting solutions?

Detection of inbound click parameters is highly accurate and consequently delivers very precise targeting. The accuracy assures your campaigns will perform better. In addition, clickBakers offers possibility of carrier targeting for your mobile campaigns due to an exclusive database of IP ranges directly obtained from mobile operators worldwide

Why is clickBakers the best solution for mobile campaigns tracking and targeting?

Whether it is carrier or WiFi traffic, clickBakers will track your mobile clicks to the very last detail including parameters such as OS, device type, brand and model, geo, connection, and carrier. Our platform incorporates a regularly updated database of IP ranges from 50+ mobile carriers in 20+ countries, which assure the greatest accuracy for your mobile targeting.

What are IP ranges?

An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to each device (e.g., computer, mobile phone) participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication.

Is clickBakers an Ad Server?

clickBakers does not currently offer standard ad server features, but these are planned to be implemented this year.

What is traffic filtering?

In clickBakers, the terminology FILTERING means setting up rules for segmenting of your traffic based on predefined filters. Filters that are attributes of incoming traffic and their combination such as:

Country, Region, City - location where traffic originates
Device type - phone, tablet, IPTV, wearables
Device brand – e.g. Apple, Nokia, Samsung
Device model, Connection type - 3G/4G or Wi-Fi, Carrier/Operator, and so on.

For more info see also What is segmentation?

Filtering rules assure grouping of your traffic to specific segments. Once you have your filtering rules set up, segmentation is an automated process that will assure your traffic is redirected and targeted accordingly – e.g. German iPhone traffic goes to a destination URL specified in the rule where a COUNTRY = Germany, and DEVICE TYPE = PHONE and DEVICE BRAND = Apple and DEVICE MODEL = iPhone.

What is segmentation? And how can you segment data in clickBakers?

Segmentation is the process of dividing traffic to groups or custom channels in order to determine and see different originating traffic sources. The insights from properly segmenting your traffic or web users are highly beneficial in order to understand variety of traffic sources and their underlying criteria. In clickBakers, custom data segmentation is possible by setting up rules for your campaigns. The rules include criteria such as:

  • GEO filtering up to city level (Country – Region – City)
  • Device Type (Phone, Tablet, IPTV, Desktop)
  • Device Brand: Apple, Acer, Samsung etc.
  • Device Model: Galaxy Note X, Galaxy Tab, etc.
  • Connection Type: WiFi, 3G-4G mobile data
  • Operator/Carrier: Telecom, Orange, O2… (55 carriers supported in more than 20 countries)
  • Custom IP Ranges or Address
  • Operating System: Android, Windows, OS_X, Linux, etc.
  • Web browser: Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc.
  • Custom: source parameter, category (niche) or campaigns

What is targeting?

When an online ad is served up on a website, and that ad matches the visitor’s interests, it’s called “targeting.” Or when a user is being redirected to a specific offer – or website, based on the source he is coming from – e.g. country, device, etc – it is also targeting.

How can I start using clickBakers?

clickBakers is a cloud-based solution without a need for downloading a software or integrating scripts to your websites. After you register your account, you are set to create a campaign, add rules, traffic sources and start managing your traffic redirection and optimization effectively.

Do you offer a self-hosted solution?

No, clickBakers is only available as a web-based platform hosted on cloud.

Do you sell traffic?

clickBakers does not own any offers or has nothing to do with generating traffic i.e. clickBakers doesn’t sell or buy any online traffic.

clickBakers is solely a tool for TRACKING, TARGETING and REDIRECTING traffic. It is a technical solution intended for performance marketers, traffic owners, media buyers, webmasters, affiliates, and networks to manage their existing traffic flow.

Wo kann ich Anleitungen und Hilfestellungen finden, die mir beim Start mit clickBakers helfen?

Sie finden etliche Video-Tutorials auf unserem Youtube Kanal. Darüber hinaus existieren zahlreiche Blogeinträge die einige Features detailliert erklären. Weitere Informationen finden Sie im Abschnitt Ressourcen.