Set up in no time

Simple and Quick Set Up

Leverage the benefits of a web-based platform and set up your campaigns within minutes. No integration, no hassle, simply via web links

SaaS Hosted Solution

Monthly subscription allows for greater flexibility with fluctuating traffic volumes. Select the pricing that best suits your needs and switch between plans anytime

Zero Code Integration

All you need to manage your campaigns via clickBakers is to copy and paste simple web link to your web page. No API integration required

Benefit from the most efficient self-serve web traffic targeting

The Most-Progressive
Traffic Detection

Leverage the most advanced detection of your multi-source & multi-device inbound web traffic

Automated Web Traffic Filtering

Simplify your traffic targeting via automated filtering solution and get all the click intelligence for smarter targeting

Custom Web Traffic Segmentation –
Data Grouping

Easily group your traffic by preferred parameters in order to better understand their performance

Advanced Targeting Options

Target your users by geo, device, carrier, connection, operating system, browser and additional custom parameters

Carrier Targeting

Take your mobile targeting to the next level and execute precise carrier targeting. Our exclusive database of IP ranges from 50+ carriers in 20+ countries is crucial for your success

GEO Targeting up
to City Level

Increase your targeting relevancy by identifying visitors based on geolocation from country to region to city level

Continuously Optimize

Easy A/B Split Testing

Optimize your campaigns by easy split testing and evaluate multiple offers, landing pages, conversion points and time slots

Optional Parameters
and Sub ID Tracking

Add your own sub ID parameters to the campaign URLs to better monitor campaign performance

Reporting – Custom
Data Reports & Export Feature

Export real-time stats from clickBakers’ platform to Microsoft Excel or CSV file to visualize the data and prepare advanced custom reports