Why is clickBakers necessary for media buyers

clickBakers for mediabuyers

The media buyer is in the business of buying traffic in order to make profit from its monetization or resell.

clickBakers is a solution that significantly improves management of media buying related activities.

clickBakers' traffic management system for mediabuyers

He needs a solution to streamline his traffic activities – a platform to manage his entire traffic flow including advanced tracking and flexible campaign optimization tools.

A simple tool to manage all media buying IN ONE PLACE – tracking, segmentation, targeting, optimization.

how can mediabuyers benefit from clickBakers

Frequently the traffic he receives is not precisely what he purchased, and resulting in unmonetized inventory. He needs a reliable auditing tool to accurately detect traffic sources so he can intelligently redirect all traffic for monetization.

clickBakers provides enhanced data on all traffic sources so the media buyer can immediately adjust his targeting based on key indicators and redirect his traffic to the most suitable offers.

clickBakers for mediabuyers - online traffic management

Due to the increase in mobile traffic, he is looking for solution with advanced mobile tracking to leverage the opportunity for mobile monetization.

clickBakers offers highly sophisticated mobile traffic management. If you are in the mobile traffic business,you can’t afford not to use clickBakers.

clickBakers for mediabuyers

He decides to give clickBakers a try and signs up for a free account. He sets up his test campaign in matter of minutes and starts evaluating the features.

Risk-free with easy account and campaignset up with minimum learning time required.


When Should You as a media buyer Consider clickBakers?

  • You need a reliable traffic tracking and auditing solution
  • You want to streamline all traffic related activities including detection, filtering, segmentation, targeting
  • You want to maximize the performance of all traffic sources and redirect every click to the right offer
  • You want to effectively monetize all your mobile traffic
  • You need a solution for accurate carrier and WiFi targeting
  • Your current web & mobile traffic tracking solution is outdated and does not provide reliable data about fragmented traffic sources