Вам нужна помощь в настройке учетной записи и запуске кампаний? Ниже вы найдете полезные материалы, уроки и руководства, которые помогут вам начать работу с сайтом.

Видеоуроки помогут вам сориентироваться на платформе clickBakers, установить правила, организовать кампании и научиться пользоваться всеми важными функциями, необходимыми для эффективного управления трафиком. Ознакомьтесь с примерами того, как другие компании успешно используют clickBakers для управления трафиком и повышают эффективность своих кампаний. Загрузите наши бесплатные электронные книги и узнайте больше о партнерском маркетинге, оптимизации трафика, закупках рекламного пространства и т.д.

clickbakers resources
Everything You Need to Know About clickBakers

So you signed up for clickBakers. You created an account, chose the right package (free or premium) and now you’re starting to prepare online campaigns. But you are stuck, because you don’t know how to proceed. And we’re here to help you! Below you can…

Tutorial Series – Complete Tutorial for Traffic Segmentation and Targeting

Our latest tutorial video will guide you through all steps needed for a complete traffic segmentation, targeting and optimization. The video will explain the whole process, including how to create segments, offers and how to set up various campaigns. It will also explain how to…

Our Drill-Down Statistics Will Make You Question Everything

New feature alert! Drill down options in the statistics are now available in clickBakers reports and you can dig deeper to uncover even more details about your traffic. What is new in clickBakers reporting? Previously, there were only two dimensions that you were able to…

Activate the hide referrer in clickBakers
Hide Referrer or Double Meta Refresh in clickBakers

Some wishes do come true. You asked we listened, and now clickBakers offers the feature on hiding referrers also called Double Meta Refresh. What is Meta Refresh? Meta refresh is a redirect mode instructing the browser to refresh and load a new URL. After a…

Uncover The Most Recent clickBakers Product Update

The news ticker & updated charts on a dashboard screen A dashboard is an entry point to view your data and statistics within clickBakers system. We have recently enriched the screen with a new functionality – a news ticker. It’s a horizontal, text-based display placed on…

Tutorial Series – How to Use clickBakers for Targeting and Campaign Management

  Watch our tutorial video that provides a detailed explanation on using clickBakers for your web & mobile traffic targeting and campaign management. Video transcript — How to Use clickBakers for Targeting and Campaign Management Welcome to clickBakers! This video will explain how to start…

3 ways to manage online campaign
3 Ways to Manage Online Campaigns

      Today we will show you three examples how to leverage traffic distribution systems while running an online campaign. Learn how to segment consumers by network type, geographical location or a carrier. Case 1 – Your Products Are Paid by Direct Carrier Billing…

conversion tracking reports in clickBakers
Become Familiar with Conversion Tracking Reports

  Marketers, affiliate managers and as a matter of fact any professional working in advertising industry will never use an online tool until it provides high-quality reports. That’s why we would like to draw your attention to clickBakers’ reporting panel, focus on every available metric…

conversion tracking with clickBakers
Conversion Tracking is Now Online

    We have great news for our users and for the community of performance marketers. From now on clickBakers provides not only unparalleled tool for your online traffic management but is able to measure your marketing performance with the new conversion tracking feature. Server…

new clickbakers upgrade
Make the Most of clickBakers New Upgrade Now

    Since the last release of clickBakers software solution, our users experience a new upgraded version with a slightly different approach to tracking and targeting traffic.  This post is a guide to the new working flow within clickBakers interface. We’re here to help you figure…

case study-clickbakers-smart-media-star
Case Study – Increased RPM by 177% with clickBakers

A Switch from Campaign to Segment Optimization www.smartmediastar.com www.linkedin.com/SmartMediaStar Executive Summary We’ve been looking for a flexible tool for media buyers that would allow us to distribute our online traffic to boost advertisers’ conversions. Our goal was to double the RPM with the volume of…

success case 4 - online traffic management for telecom companies
Success case: Online Traffic Management for Telecom Companies

Customer’s Business Case – Online Traffic Management for Telecom Companies According to The FORBES Global 2000 – the most powerful public businesses list, China Mobile, Verizon Communications and Vodafone, top the rank of the world’s largest telecommunication companies. The telecom industry has evolved over the years and is…

clickBakers success case - music downloads
Success Case: Sell more music downloads in regions with low credit card payment

Customer’s Business Case The biggest task music server called Musical is facing right now is how to get paid for music downloads among people who do not use or own credit card for their payment. The answer is carrier billing- it allows people to buy…

success case-loyalty
Success Case: Manage Your Online Traffic Using IP Range Targeting

Customer’s Business Case A company called The Internet Superhouse, an internet service provider, aims to reach a new audience and gain new customers launching advertising campaign communicating special promotion – 3 months free internet services. Showing this benefit to existing customers would be a waste of…

success case - built
Success Case: Build a Profitable Subscription Website

Customer’s Business Case The Media House launched new online subscription website called be-a-star.com, where people from show business like actors, singers, performers etc. can find an up-to-date list of auditions in their neighborhood / city / region plus create their profile with portfolio, photos, videos…

ebook cover
Free e-book: How To Become Performance Marketing Superstar

Beginner’s guide to performance marketing Download free e-book NOW!  This book will answer some of the basic questions about performance marketing: What is performance marketing? Who are the key players in performance marketing? How does performance marketing work? What are the payments methods? What does…

Free e-book: How Affiliate Metrics & Tracking Tools Can Keep You Out Of Trouble

A handy guide for affiliates and affiliate marketers Download Free E-book by clickBakers Now This book will answer following questions: Who are the core players in Affiliate world? What metrics are typical for Affiliate marketing? Which Tools should affiliate marketers use? What Affiliate Redirect Methods…

Free Ebook - Online Media Industry
Free e-book: 3 Secrets about Online Media Industry

Advertisements under “The Internet of Me” Era in Online Media Industry Long gone are the days when you were allowed to bother regular folk with irrelevant advertisements. After using applications such as Facebook religiously, people are expecting the websites to read their minds with precise accuracy. And technology…